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Pinghu builds the entire industry chain ecosystem of luggage industry

Editor:admin │ Date:2018-03-29 

At the recently concluded 114th Canton Fair, Pinghu International Bag City unveiled the “Pinghu Bags” regional brand and launched a global promotion of the Pinghu Travel Bags. At the Canton Fair, the Pinghu luggage industry not only harvested a large number of orders, but also allowed the entire industry chain to undergo a rigorous inspection of the market.

The luggage industry is one of Pinghu's three traditional pillar industries. After more than 20 years of development, it has formed a relatively complete industrial chain. Currently, there are more than 500 luggage and accessories manufacturing enterprises and luggage sales companies. Last year, the total industrial output value reached 4.43 billion yuan. The year-on-year increase was 10.7%. In the first three quarters of this year, Pinghu's luggage and bag companies achieved an output value of 3.35 billion yuan. Pinghu has also won the title of “Travel Bags Capital” and has become one of the three largest luggage production bases in China.

"Pinghu bags, which rely mainly on foreign trade orders, are still in the extensive development mode based on OEM processing." Liang Yanbo, planning manager of Pinghu Luggage & Case Co., Ltd. believes that Pinghu's rookie group, Aime De, Ginza and other luggage companies are actively building brands, through the store, mobile e-commerce platform to expand the brand's domestic sales channels. Among them, the Rookie Group has successfully created a brand-named joint fleet by purchasing the global franchise rights of the Hobie brand, creating the “Yoke” brand and the time-honoured acquisition of old bags. Thanks to the brand effect, the output value of the new show group exceeded RMB 1 billion in 2012, becoming the “aircraft carrier” for the luggage industry. However, as a whole, Pinghu luggage's R&D and brand promotion capabilities are not strong enough.

As an important platform to promote the overall transformation of Pinghu luggage, Pinghu International Bag City was officially opened in June 2011. The main building of China’s travel luggage capital tower has been capped, with more than 130 well-known leather goods companies from Guangdong and Fujian. Signed a settled cooperation or strategic cooperation agreement, in which more than 40 Pinghu companies such as Chenxu and Wanshunda also entered the agreement. “The “Building of the First Five-Year Plan” will officially start the next year, and the raw and auxiliary materials trading market for bags and bags will also be open for trial operations,” Liang Yanbo said.

In addition, the nation’s first bag industry research institute was established in Pinghu International Bag City at the end of September. The institute will devote itself to the research and development of the luggage industry and promote industrial upgrading. Next, it plans to establish the nation’s first postdoctoral workstation, and at the same time, it will introduce a national-level bag industry research center and testing center to implement the brand strategy and brand strategy for Pinghu luggage enterprises. New product development, brand promotion, personnel training, testing services, etc. provide strong support. “An entire industry chain ecosystem of the luggage industry is emerging.” Liang Yanbo believes that Pinghu luggage has reached the critical moment of transformation and upgrading, and the establishment of a professional market platform will enable the enterprises in the industrial chain of the region to form a complete ecosystem, leading and To promote the overall upgrading of the luggage industry in Pinghu, the Yangtze River Delta Region and even the whole country.